Original Silkscreen editions
David Bowie

On 13 February 1979 I was amazed when a journalist gave me a tip that David Bowie had returned to hold a 15minute press conference for his new film 'Just a Gigolo' at The Savoy the next morning. Moving from London in 1973 with his Ziggy persona high in the charts, he had carved out several characters that blurred the boundaries of his public image both in LA and Berlin.

The Savoy could not cope with the sudden Press interest and it was switched to Café Royal. The paparazzi, (complete with ladders) media scrum in Piccadilly meant little chance of getting a decent close up of the elusive Mr. Bowie.

I positioned myself next to the service elevator and waited -and hoped his group would avoid the crush in the foyer and stairs to get to the reception. This is where I took this candid photo with Sydne Rome his glamourous co-star. This screen print edition is my contribution to collective memory of this talented artist.

David Bowie Café Royal -Just a Gigolo

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Silk screen edition
(50cm x 50cm)
100 signed on Fabriano 300gsm

Price £250.00


David Bowie The Man Who Sold The World
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Silk screen edition
(65cm x 65cm)
30 signed on Fabriano 350gsm

Price £290.00